Machine for automatic filling and packaging of small volume bulk products “eurasia 158-14”

Designed for automatic packing of bulk products (ground coffee, sugar, tea, salt, spices, etc.) in packs of square or rectangular shape. The machine is designed to use any suitable for heat-sealing packaging material in rolls.

Technical characteristics


up to 120 packs/min

Maximum amount of dosage:

5ml (parameter can be changed)*

Package size:

60mm x 60mm (parameter can be changed)*

Material used:

P/P, tea filter paper, multi-layer film.

Number of package welds:

3 (parameter can be changed)*


1.25 kW


140 kg


1.4m x 0.9m x 1,9m


220 V

* (parameter can be changed) - This means that function or setting of machine can be changed according to customer’s specifications.

Send to our mail a letter with indication of model and technical specifications of machine you need. Just specify the period during which you need to get the equipment. You will be contacted by our experts shortly and they will advise you about all details of further cooperation, including the cost of equipment, timing of its manufacturing, warranty and so on. Each machine is made accompanied by all necessary documents and certificates, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

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